Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vanilla Pound Cake

I have finally stopped procrastinating and moved on to the next chapter in TSOB; pound cakes and genoise cakes.  I had to repeat the basic pound cake recipe because I messed up the first time.  My first cake was  dense and dry.  My mistakes were starting with cold butter and weighing out 8 oz of cake flour versus weighing out how much a cup of flour weighs (7 oz).  Pound cake has no baking soda or baking powder, so the rise comes from whipping air into the butter while creaming it with the sugar.  That works better with softer butter.  The difference between the two cakes was incredible.  See how moist the good cake turned out?

I topped it with some farmer's market strawberries that were cooked in orange juice and a bit of sugar and some (kind of old) homemade whipped cream.  So good!  Now to try genoise cakes.

Blueberry Cobbler

One of my all-time favorite summer desserts is blueberry cobbler.  I use a tried and true recipe from Real Simple magazine.  I made this for our July 4th barbecue, since it's so pretty and patriotic with all that blue.  I bought greek yogurt ice cream for the first time to go with it, and it was pretty yummy.