Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle Cookie

Sometimes things are so good, you end up repeating them. I made this cookie a few years back, before I started the blog. I found the recipe online, off a link from the World Nutella Day page. I didn't give the recipe much thought for awhile.

Then I saw a chocolate hazelnut spread in a cute neighborhood kitchen store. This store also had Callebaut chocolate at a really cheap price. So I brought home my treasures and went back to the World Nutella page. Then, without thinking I chose this cookie recipe again. It was only after reading the really funny post awhile that I realized I had made it before.

These are so good! The filling is made with chocolate, chocolate hazelnut spread, sour cream, and Frangelico. Oh wow.

Now to go back to the store for more and try another recipe from the amazing stash of Nutella recipes!

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