Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fig Almond Tart

Fig Tart by cookinglikespago
Fig Tart, a photo by cookinglikespago on Flickr.

I'm finally back to baking and blogging! I've been gone for the past month because I sprained my ankle badly, which made baking impossible.

I also had to hunt for an apartment while on crutches because my husband and I moved from the Midwest to San Francisco! As you all know, this is such a great food city. Not only do I have a 3 page list of restaurants I want to try, but the fresh produce here is amazing.

I've saved this recipe for 2 years now because it's hard to find dried figs, let alone fresh figs in Wisconsin. This past Saturday I checked out my first farmers market at the Ferry Building Marketplace. It was so packed with people! And what did the vendors have for me? Black Mission figs!

I jumped on the first ones I saw and then realized more than one vendor had them, and there were other varieties too! I also saw Valencia oranges, lots of peach varieties and beautiful berries. A girl/baker could get used to this!

Unfortunately, I can't find the recipe on Bon, but it's from their July 2011 issue.

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